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"It’s beautiful and it truly simplifies my daily routine."

Jessica, Designer

"I love my Renzoe Box. Its so small and efficient I can take it to work or easily keep it in my purse."

Mariella, Director of Recruitment & Mom

"It's chic. It's classy. And now my makeup won't be all at the bottom of my purse."

Lisa Leslie, WNBA All-Star

"I obviously don't wear makeup, but this is a great idea. I know a lot of women who would appreciate this and a few will definitely be getting one from me for Christmas."

Karl, Investor & Entrepreneur

"Anyone who wears makeup needs one. Anyone who is discerning about design should have one."

Clover, Architect & Professor

"Hands down the best invention ever. How has this not existed before?!"

Joy, Illustrator & Mom

"I commute into Manhattan every day and use mine on the train. I see other women fumbling with their makeup bags and I feel terrible for them! Every NYC woman needs a Renzoe Box!"

Sonia, Attorney & Mom

"The fact I can get my exact mix of products and build it to my routine is magical. I've ordered refills twice already and I'm never looking back."

Nancy, VP of Marketing

"I bought one for my girlfriend and she loves it."

Don, Senior Associate

"Congratulations on an incredible concept and product."

Rose McGowan, Actress & Activist